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Manufacturing / Operations

In today's environment, the efficiency of your company's manufacturing and delivery efforts can spell the difference between success or failure. Regulatory issues, the cost of materials, and logistics, all play important roles in your success.

Bailey Search possesses relationships with the professionals and executives who have the global experience to drive new initiatives, whether it be a six sigma / lean program, or the relocation of a manufacturing site / operation within the country or overseas.

A partial sampling of past and current executive management search:

  • Director Lean / Six Sigma
    Point-of-Care business unit within diagnostics and health-care products conglomerate
  • WW Director Manufacturing Partnerships
    Business unit for Fortune 50 health-care and medical device leader in surgical instrumentation and services


Regulatory / Clinical / Quality Assurance

In today's global marketplace, organizations must be able to identify, attract, and retain executives who can navigate through the varying legal and regulatory requirements whether in the US Market or abroad.

Bailey Search & Associates possesses insights and relationships with the professionals and executives who develop and manage the clinical, regulatory, and quality assurance pathways. These candidates have experience in managing the critical processes through all phases of a product's life-cycle, from pre-clinical development to post-deployment quality assurance.

A partial sampling of past search includes:

  • Director QA/Reg Compliance
    Privately held, global leader in minimally invasive surgical instrumentation and video technology
  • Director Regulatory Submissions
    Fortune 100's orthopedic trauma business unit

Professional Education / Sales Training

Training and Education are crucial to commercialized technologies as well as to organizations working through the pre-clinical and clinical stages of a product's life-cycle.
Product differentiation, patient benefit, and proper utilization can be severely hampered without this crucial link between the surgeon / health-care community and your organization's technology.

Bailey Search & Associates can identify education and training leaders for your internal sales training organization or your physician and KOL outreach and educational programs.

A partial sampling of past and current training and education search:

  • Director, International Professional Education
    Publicly-traded leader in Cardiovascular, Vascular, and Implantable Neurological Technologies
  • Senior Director, Sales Training
    In-vitro Diagnostics Business for Fortune 100 Health-care Leader


Ensure the success of your Sales team !

Organizations must possess not only sales talent but sales leadership to be successful in the global marketplace.

Companies must continually position existing technologies against competitive technologies.

Successful sales teams must service and nurture their point-of-use relationships that drive brand loyalty and utilization.

Competent and Versatile Sales Representation

Whether in an OR Suite, a doctor's office or in a hospital's purchasing department, your Sales Team will be your face to the public. Their sucess or failure will determine, to a large extent, your company's future.

Experience in Recruitment = Success!

Bailey Search & Associates has a long-standing and proven track record in meeting the demands of our highly competitive industry.

Bailey Search can consistently provide your company with a pipeline of highly-qualified individuals, ranging from an entry-level Sales Representative to your next Senior Vice President of Sales.

Utilizing our broad industry knowledge, our network of established contacts, and our years of experience, Bailey Search would be honored to locate your next critical position, regardless of the uniqueness of the job opening or its job requirements.

A sampling of recent successful searches

  • VP Sales
    Privately held company, a leader in minimally invasive surgical systems
  • Area VP Sales
    Publicly traded company, a true leader in orthopedics and minimally invasive joint repair
  • Regional / District Manager
    Privately held, rapidly grwoing, venture capital-backed company, specializing in unique and proprietary diagnostic service solutions to pain management physicians.
  • Sales Representative
    Fortune 500 company needing to fill multiple positions within their medical device divisions.


Finding the 'Needle in the Haystack'!

Marketing specialists must fulfill a host of different functions and mange numerous responsibilities. Finding just the right person to suit your company's needs can be a daunting task!

Marketing Rules!

Whether working directly with key surgeons on product development, developing pricing and message strategies, or providing support to your sales organization, an efficient and imaginative team of marketing professionals is vital to all phases of your company's success.

The Bailey Advantage!

At Bailey Search, our personalized and custom-tailored sourcing efforts can manage all of your company's Marketing needs. Whether your need is for a Senior Vice President / Director of Marketing or for adding support to your existing Marketing and Product Management team, Bailey Search is committed to providing you with the most qualified candidates for the job.

The future of your organization will depend on your Marketing leaders. Let Bailey Search & Associates find that one in a million candidate who can deliver on your largest expectations!

A sampling of successful Marketing searches

  • VP Marketing
    Publicly-held leader in minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics, and biologics
  • Director Marketing
    Joint repair division of Fortune 50 Health-care Leader
  • Marketing Manager / Senior Marketing Manager
    Venture-backed start-up with novel GI diagnostic and therapeutic technologies
  • Product Manager
    Privately-held leader in neurovascular, peripheral vascular, and general surgery grafting and mesh technology

Executive Management

Focus, Direction, and Vision are vital at the top of a company, business unit, or division. Without this type of leadership, the executive team will not have the inspiration or motivation to move your company forward in today's marketplace.

Highly Qualified Leaders

Bailey Search has developed an extensive network of relationships during the last 15 years. Due to Bailey Search's incredible reputation in this specialized marketplace, top-level executive candidates routinely turn to Bailey Search whenever they are contemplating a career change.

Due to these long-standing relationships, Bailey Search has access to an elite pool of the future 'chief-level' officers, presidents, senior vice-presidents, and general managers within your industry.

Bailey Search is able to tap into this valuable group of highly-qualified executive candidates to find the perfect fit for your company's leadership needs.

Once your primary leadership position has been filled, Bailey Search can work closely with your new leadership team to build out the remainder of your organization's recruitment needs.

A partial listing of our executive placements:

  • Director of Marketing - Johnson & Johnson Medical
  • Director of Commercial Marketing - Medtronic
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance - Karl Storz Endoscopy America
  • Director, Global Product Marketing - Johnson & Johnson Medical
    Director of Education - St Jude Medical
  • Director of Manufacturing - large capital equipment manufacturer.
  • Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing - large venture-capital start-up company.
  • Area Vice President of Sales - Smith & Nephew
  • Senior Principal Logistics/Supply Chain Analyst - Medtronic
  • Vice President Marketing - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • Clinical Affairs Manager - Given Imaging
  • Director of Clinical Engineering -
  • Director of Marketing - Karl Storz Endoscopy America
  • Director of Marketing - United States Surgical
  • Director of Marketing - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • Director of Laboratory Services - Ameritox
  • Quality Assurance Officer - Cancervax
  • Area Manager - Ameritox
  • Senior Project Manager - Amgen
  • Project Development Manager - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy

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