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"I have had a partnership with Bailey Search and Associates for over 10 years. My career has grown from sales, to sales management, and now executive-level leadership.

I have always used Bailey Search for all of my recruitment needs and career advice. At each step of my advancement, Bailey Search has demonstrated a unique ability to present me with the perfect job opportunity."

- Director Sales, Leading Spinal Implant Manufacturer

Company Background

Bailey Search & Associates is an executive search firm that specializes in recruitment services within the Medical Device, Biotechnology, and Diagnostic Services industries. Bailey Search has been in business for more than fifteen (15) years and has earned a reputation for efficiency and integrity in their industry. This reputation has been gained by consistently identifying the best candidates for each job position. Our proven track record of success is a testimonial to our hard work and our experienced search consultants. a position. a given providing excellent candidates and quick.

Our Business Philosophy

Bailey Search & Associates strongly believes in a personalized and tailored approach to the recruitment process. Here are just a few reasons to consider Bailey Search & Associates.

  • Senior recruitment staff with over 35 years of experience and on-the-job experience in medical sales, education, and customer service.
  • Proprietary database of over 45,000 qualified candidates, carefully screened and updated on a regular basis during the last 10 years.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your company's unique goals and needs, regardless of its size or resources.
  • Strong and unwavering commitment to customer support and individualized service.
  • Save time and valuable resources by freeing up your sales and management teams to do what they do best -selling!
  • Proven track record of successful placements for all types and sizes of companies.

Bailey Search will be your Strategic Partner!

Bailey Search can save you time, money and other valuable resources by understanding your unique recruitment needs, and then identifying high-quality candidates who meet those needs. Because we are specialists, our expertise extends beyond the 'job description' to the critical challenges that arise from an ever-changing market. We leverage this valuable expertise to provide you with carefully selected candidates who match the unique features and demands of your company. Reducing employee turnover and improving corporate productivity are just two important benefits of using Bailey Search & Associates to complete your recruitment needs.


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