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Ensure the success of your Sales team !

Organizations must possess not only sales talent but sales leadership to be successful in the global marketplace.

Companies must continually position existing technologies against competitive technologies.

Successful sales teams must service and nurture their point-of-use relationships that drive brand loyalty and utilization.

Competent and Versatile Sales Representation

Whether in an OR Suite, a doctor's office or in a hospital's purchasing department, your Sales Team will be your face to the public. Their sucess or failure will determine, to a large extent, your company's future.

Experience in Recruitment = Success!

Bailey Search & Associates has a long-standing and proven track record in meeting the demands of our highly competitive industry.

Bailey Search can consistently provide your company with a pipeline of highly-qualified individuals, ranging from an entry-level Sales Representative to your next Senior Vice President of Sales.

Utilizing our broad industry knowledge, our network of established contacts, and our years of experience, Bailey Search would be honored to locate your next critical position, regardless of the uniqueness of the job opening or its job requirements.

A sampling of recent successful searches

  • VP Sales
    Privately held company, a leader in minimally invasive surgical systems
  • Area VP Sales
    Publicly traded company, a true leader in orthopedics and minimally invasive joint repair
  • Regional / District Manager
    Privately held, rapidly grwoing, venture capital-backed company, specializing in unique and proprietary diagnostic service solutions to pain management physicians.
  • Sales Representative
    Fortune 500 company needing to fill multiple positions within their medical device divisions.

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