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Bailey Search and Associates provides its clientele with focused, personalized service and a tailored approach to each company's search requirements. Whether you are looking to fill a single position or build an entire sales force, Bailey Search can meet your needs.

Our Business Philosophy

It is this unique and personalized approach that has led to our recognition as an industry leader with unique expertise in our field. Since we devote our efforts to a very discreet area within the health-care arena, we provide our clients with a very special service.

Bailey Search devotes substantial time, effort and resources to each and every job search, thereby assuring you, the client, with unparalleled results. It is for this reason that the overwhelming majority of our businesses relationships are structured on a retained basis. We at Bailey Search view every job search as a partnership, as it should be.

  • Each and every new employee that is hired by your company represents an enormous investment of time, money and resources.
  • If your recruitment efforts are unsuccessful or inadequate, your company will lose its competitive edge, valuable time and, perhaps most importantly, the opportunity to secure revenue growth.
  • The success of your new employees will determine the future success of your company.
  • Dedicate your sales and management teams to the roles for which they are hired, not to the time-consuming chores of searching for new employees.
  • Time is money! Why waste time and resources looking for that one specialized person who meets a unique need for your company. We are amazed by companies who spend 1-2 years searching for such a unique person, only to realize that when they do relocate this person that the need and value of the position has disappeared.

Possible Search Scenarios

Bailey Search & Associates has consistently demonstrated that it can manage multiple recruitment needs for a diverse set of clients. Because we are a relatively smaller recruitment firm, we can quickly adapt and allocate resources to your ever-changing requirements. An overview of some of the common recruitment scenarios with which we have experience are listed below:

Building a Sales Force - Start-up Ventures
We can partner with an organization to build an entire sales force, beginning with your entry-level sales positions, adding your first or second tier management positions, and finally securing your senior level position for the Vice President of Sales position.

Establishing a New Division or Business Unit
Similar to building an entire sales force, many large companies, such as major Fortune 500 companies, are continually adding new products and services. With this growth comes the need for adding a host of new employees across varied functions. Bailey Search has the background and resources to handle your new business needs, regardless of the profile.

Project-Based Searches
A frequent scenario is that a company will embark upon a strategic project or new product launch. In these cases, an organization will need to create and fill a limited number of positions within a specific function. These positions often cross across an entire business. The hiring of such a team requires a unique appreciation or the subtleties of your company and its ongoing demands. Bailey Search & Associates can maximize search efficiencies and simplify the recruitment process for your organization by handling all aspects of your multiple searches.

This is where our more than 15 years of experience and our established business relationships are leveraged to provide you, the client, with the most efficient and effective hiring process.

Critical Leadership Positions
Whether your need is in Marketing, Sales, Clinical Affairs, Professional Education, Regulatory Affairs, or Manufacturing & Operations, Bailey Search can identify and recruit that special leader for your organization.


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