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Executive Management

Focus, Direction, and Vision are vital at the top of a company, business unit, or division. Without this type of leadership, the executive team will not have the inspiration or motivation to move your company forward in today's marketplace.

Highly Qualified Leaders

Bailey Search has developed an extensive network of relationships during the last 15 years. Due to Bailey Search's incredible reputation in this specialized marketplace, top-level executive candidates routinely turn to Bailey Search whenever they are contemplating a career change.

Due to these long-standing relationships, Bailey Search has access to an elite pool of the future 'chief-level' officers, presidents, senior vice-presidents, and general managers within your industry.

Bailey Search is able to tap into this valuable group of highly-qualified executive candidates to find the perfect fit for your company's leadership needs.

Once your primary leadership position has been filled, Bailey Search can work closely with your new leadership team to build out the remainder of your organization's recruitment needs.

A partial listing of our executive placements:

  • Director of Marketing - Johnson & Johnson Medical
  • Director of Commercial Marketing - Medtronic
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance - Karl Storz Endoscopy America
  • Director, Global Product Marketing - Johnson & Johnson Medical
    Director of Education - St Jude Medical
  • Director of Manufacturing - large capital equipment manufacturer.
  • Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing - large venture-capital start-up company.
  • Area Vice President of Sales - Smith & Nephew
  • Senior Principal Logistics/Supply Chain Analyst - Medtronic
  • Vice President Marketing - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • Clinical Affairs Manager - Given Imaging
  • Director of Clinical Engineering -
  • Director of Marketing - Karl Storz Endoscopy America
  • Director of Marketing - United States Surgical
  • Director of Marketing - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy
  • Director of Laboratory Services - Ameritox
  • Quality Assurance Officer - Cancervax
  • Area Manager - Ameritox
  • Senior Project Manager - Amgen
  • Project Development Manager - Smith & Nephew Endoscopy

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